Voice and Performance for Singers, Actors, and Speakers!

Confident Voice Studio, located in Portland, offers Voice, Performance, and Piano Lessons in a fun and growth-oriented environment.

Deanna Maio

Founder, Voice Teacher & Performance Coach, Deanna Maio

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Is Confident Voice Studio the Right Resource for You?

Find Out What Makes Confident Voice Studio Different

  • No Registration or Recital Fees, Ever

Many schools charge $40, $50, even more just to register you, and charge you again every year. Then they charge you for recitals. I don’t think that’s fair, so I will never charge you a registration or recital fee.

  • All Books and Materials Included at No Extra Charge

You’ll never have an unexpected expense because we provide everything you’ll need at no extra costs. I provide all the books, music and materials needed at NO COST to you.

  • Frequent Communication About Your Progress

You’ll walk away from each lesson knowing about your growth. Parents you’ll be kept in the loop with frequent reports about progress.

  • Located in the Beautiful, Sunnyside Neighborhood

Have your lesson then get your coffee and pastry at the local favorite Grand Central Bakery. I recommend the chai tea and the cheese danish. (I know dairy isn’t great for the voice but they are delicious.) Sunnyside (SE Hawthorne) offers free parking, dining, and shopping. I love our location and you will too!


  • Clean, Fun, Bright Environment

It’s never fun to learn in a dingy, not well maintained space. Our studio features bright, fun colors.

  • Student Homework Space

Our waiting area features chairs, tables, and books and games where students can study and do homework while waiting to be picked up.

  • No Long Term Contracts

Our lessons are month-to-month, so you are not tied into long semester commitments. I want you to be here, not feel legally bound to be here.

  • Private Lessons Specializing in Technique and Performance

You want an experienced teacher who really knows what the real world is like. I have over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry and continue to perform in theater and music scenes. I can train you for a career in music or theater.

  • Free Annual Student Showcase

Our low stress showcase is free for all performers, and each performer gets tickets for friends and family.