Confident Voice Assessment

Welcome to your Confident Voice Assessment. Just answer true or false to the following questions to get a better sense of your voice's strengths and weaknesses.

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1. My voice fatigues easily.

2. My vocal range is limited or has decreased.

3. My vibrato is wobbling, twittering, irregular, or is non-existent.

4. My voice has an undesirable noise quality.

5. I feel (excess) tension or strain when I speak or sing or both.

6. I worry whether my voice will be able to handle my next performance and/or rehearsal.

7. My vowels are indistinct (lack clarity and integrity).

8. I get out of breath and/or can’t hold the phrases.

9. I cannot sing stylistically.

10. I cannot sing various color lines.

11. My voice lacks expression.

12. My voice lacks dynamic variation.

13. My voice has a "vocal break" or cracks.

14. I have to raise my voice in an attempt to be sufficiently loud enough for public speaking or stage work.

15. I feel like my performances lacks pizazz or stage presence.

16. I'm been asked to repeat myself or told I mumble.

17. I have problems staying on key when I sing. (I'm sharp or flat from time to time.)