Why Confident Voice Studio Music For Flute Lessons?

At Confident Voice Studio, you are not simply signing up for private flute lessons. Rather, you are joining a community that are all on the same mission together: to inspire a growing community of passionate and excellent musicians! We create this community atmosphere based on some core principals:

• Everyone has value and should be accepted, included, encouraged and affirmed through their interactions at Confident Voice Studio.

• We must challenge each other to continually grow, develop and improve through focus, hard work and practice, AND

• We must be honest and kind to each other at all times.

This idea of community is central to who we are as a company and how we interact with our customers. It is also key to helping us serve our students in a way that builds confidence, social skills, coordination, work ethic, personal responsibility and, of course, a love for and ability to play music.

Our studio is stocked with everything our students need to create a great learning environment. From inspiring posters on the walls, to music stands, whiteboards, plus a setup for playing along with the music being learned, we spare no expense to make sure we have a comfortable and safe space for lessons to take place. We maintain an open door policy with parents who want to sit in on a lesson from time to time.

How Do Flute Lessons Work At Confident Voice Studio?

Once scheduling is out of the way, it’s time to rock.

You will meet with your teacher once a week at the same time each week for 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on which you select.

Our favorite lesson length for most students is 45 minutes because it allows time for building a relationship, warming up, reviewing what was learned in the previous lesson and providing new instruction.

Thirty minutes is great for younger students and an hour-long lesson is great for more advanced students who are interested in accelerating their progress.

We offer several music lesson options ranging from “A La Carte” to our monthly studio membership. These various packages offer options to our customers to match their needs related to schedule flexibility, pricing and commitment.

Do I Need A Flute Before I Sign Up For Lessons?

Yes and no. We know that buying an instrument is a big investment. If you are testing out your child’s interest and aren’t ready to take the plunge, we totally understand and will work with you! On the other hand, having a flute at home is a big advantage when it comes to students making progress between lessons. Plus, buying an instrument = more noise, more noise = more fun, more fun = more practice and more practice = more progress.

Therefore, according to the transitive property, buying an instrument = more progress. The good news is that for less than the price of 1 month of lessons, you can get a quality starter flute.

What Will I (Or My Child) Learn?

At Confident Voice Studio, flute lessons not only include playing songs you love, they expand your knowledge and skills as a musician. Our teachers focus lesson time on music theory and exercises along with different styles and techniques crucial to becoming a well-rounded flute player.

Because we know each individual student has unique learning styles, goals and previous experience, we develop customized lesson plans for each student to make sure we are delivering effective and productive instruction that is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like more information about our flute lessons, CLICK HERE and schedule a quick discovery call to learn more and see if we’re a fit.

Flute FAQs
  • What ages are taught?
    My students range in age from five years old to adult. There are some wonderful modified flutes for us to choose from in order to start young students.

  • What topics are covered in a lesson?
    A typical lesson will include a discussion of the following:
    –playing technique
    –body mapping
    –technical studies
    –tone color emphasis

  • How do I find an instrument?
    I will give my advice and send a beginning flutist to a local music store to rent his/her first instrument. When a student is ready to advance to an intermediate or professional level, they can purchase a flute with our advice. Please note that the cost of your instrument and any repairs/maintenance is separate from your lesson fee.

  • Do you help students prepare for college auditions?
    Absolutely! I remain current on college audition requirements and am happy to advise and coach as my students make important decisions regarding college and career options.
  • How many lessons do I need?
    This is a complicated question, because it all depends on your goals. Think about it this way–if you only attended a handful of karate, yoga, or pottery classes, would you get all the information and techniques you needed? Probably not, as those pursuits require a significant time investment to yield results. The study of music is no different–there is always something to be learned or a new skill to be refined. Confident Voice Studio teachers are happy to help you determine your musical goals so that you can get the most out of your lessons and embark upon (or continue!) your lifelong musical journey!