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A quick phone chat with one of our team members is a great way to save time and get all the answers to all your questions.

Kids will be kids and that’s cool here…BUT are you the kind of adult/parent we are looking for?

  • Kind and compassionate.

  • Fun-loving and laid back.

  • Groovy attitude.

  • Understands that this is a safe place for all. A place for everyone to relax, learn, and grow into the next best version of themselves.

  • Agrees that music lessons should be FUN!

Doesn’t judge their/their child’s music lesson success on whether or not they practice. If you think you’ve got the right stuff, fill out the form and let’s talk. 

We will :

  • learn about you, what you’re looking for and what would be a great fit for you
  • share if we might be able to help
  • answer your burning questions and make sure you have the info you need

Then we’ll determine together IF it makes sense to schedule a trial lesson.  No obligation. Just inspiring conversation and answers with two real people. Please complete the form and select a time that works for you.