We are only accepting groovy peeps!

It is important for us to make sure our atmosphere is fun and positive for our students (both young and old)

The first thing we do to make sure this happens, is to be selective about the peeps we accept into our studio.

We are looking for parents/adult students that: 

  • Are ready to have their perception of music lessons CHANGED! 

  • Can accept that students can be successful in music lessons without practicing. 

  • Have a positive attitude 
  • Wants to be a part of a community where it’s safe for all…a place to LEARN, and GROW into the next best version of themselves.

  • Believes that music lessons should be FUN!

If you think you’ve got the right stuff, let’s have coffee! Or water. Or tea. Or wine or whatever and talk dreams and goals in a private “meet and greet” in our Zoom room. 

We want to get to know you and answer all your questions! We’ll:

  • learn about you and your goals for lessons (whether it’s fun, exploration or something more)
  • share a bit about how we might help you reach your goals faster and easier
  • answer your questions about how our studio could work for you
  • and decide, together, if we’re a good fit for the next step

Best part, a short chat will save you tons of time in the process!
(and who doesn’t love saving time?)

Whether for yourself, or someone you care for, this is where we start!

Please review our LESSONS page before scheduling.

If you need more info, send us a message here or contact us at 503-714-1198.