Piano Jam
Ages 7 and up

Playing the piano is hard to do. It requires hours of rigorous practice and natural musical talent…right?


Playing the piano is easy, and anyone can do it if taught with a method that focuses on instant success as opposed to a rigorous musical journey.

Piano is a gorgeous sounding instrument and can be an incredible foundation for sparking a kid’s love of music.

Piano Jam is a small group class that teaches musicians how to play the piano in a performing, all-keyboard rock band! 

The program makes playing the piano ​fun and easy ​giving kids a sense of ​instant success and accomplishment.

The program combines traditional and contemporary teaching methods allowing kids to easily play pop songs and join in on a jam session with their classmate friends.

are strongly encouraged to practice but it’s fine if they don’t; they can still be in the class…I mean the band…and learn a lot and get a lot out of it.
Each class can accommodate both the complete beginner and the advanced student.  Children who practice will simply play more advanced music.

Piano Jam inspires kids to push themselves and experience success on their own terms.

All learning materials provided.

And small class sizes mean each student gets the benefit of playing with others, making friends, and personal attention.

Perfect for students who want to play music that sounds current and for singers who want to learn how to accompany themselves on the piano.

Classes forming today for ages 7-13 and 18+