Got questions about our live-streaming summer programs? You’re in the right place!

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Is it a live program? 

Yes! Confident Voice Studio has always offered virtual lessons and our teachers have been teaching online for 15 years collectively. 

Your program will take place over a video call in real time!

When do programs run in 2020?

June 15 – August 21

How long is each session?


How long is each program day?

40-75 minutes depending on the program! Click here for details on each program.

What equipment do I need?

No special equipment needed! Join from any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop and the free Zoom app.

What if my child doesn’t have/can’t play an instrument?

No problem! Consider signing up for Confident Vocalist Circle, Frozen Music FUNdamentals, Music Fun Safari, or Virtual Variety and Music Show. None of these programs require having an instrument at home.

**For Ukulele Jam students we offer a special optional Ukulele Starter Kit (including a soprano ukulele, digital tuner, and ukulele bag) when you enroll.

Are programs grouped by age or skill?

We group by age. 🙂 Each child gets plenty of individual attention geared towards their skill level, thanks to our small group sizes (6 or less)!

Isn’t it a waste of time if we can’t meet in person? 

Online lessons offer the exact same benefits that in-person ones do! The 5 C’s: Confidence, convenience, connectivity, consistency and creativity! 

Learn more about the 5 hidden benefits of online lessons on our blog

What if my child can’t focus on a video call? 

Our experienced teachers are used to their younger students getting distracted and having the wiggles sometimes! 

We’re practiced and patient, with a wealth of strategies to keep kiddos engaged. 

These strategies are the same whether we’re connecting over a video call or in person! 

What happens if we have technical difficulties? 

We have a client care desk that can quickly address your concerns whether they’re Zoom or Wifi-related! 

We’ll see that you have our client care desk email and phone number so you can email, text or call if something comes up and you need support. 

Is your aspiring musician ready for SAFE summer fun?

Register for live-streaming summer programs for ages 4-18 HERE!

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