Can you imagine what it’s like to be a kid right now?

Scared about the future

Missing your friends.

And somehow you’re supposed to be engaged in online school for 5 hours a day?

This is tough stuff.

Help us change online learning for Confident Learning Lab kids (and their grownups)!

How ‘bout we skip right ahead to the center of the tootsie-pop? Our small business is located in Portland, OR. We are biased — but we are pretty sure we are the coolest place to work for, ever. And we really believe that we are changing the world (you will see what we mean when you check out our website!). Honestly, the job is not all roses and puppy dogs — there is some good news and there is some bad news.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first:

• The pay sucks. Meaning, you won’t get rich at this job. The pay is $13.25/hour. It can be some extra spending money, for sure. However, if you are seeking a job to support a household then this is no longer the ”coolest” part time teacher’s aid job ever, it is now the worst part-time job ever.

• Review point 1.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff:

1. Our company is changing the world one student at a time. The Confident Learning Lab is a magical place where just 9 children, ages 6 to 12 (1st grade and up), can come together and complete their school work (public, private or homeschool curriculum) with the support of a teacher who is invested in their success.

On top of that…we love to laugh and have fun!

The Confident Learning Lab guides your student through their school work and reinforces school subjects (math, reading, geography, and more) with our own music and growth mindset curriculum.

Daily outdoor time for a short walk or yoga keeps minds fresh and oxygenated. (weather permitting)

In addition to helping them with their assignments from school, we have music and growth mindset class each week.

Now, let’s talk about the job requirements:

What you’ll do:

  • Help students follow their meetings schedule.
  • Help students with questions they have about their school work.
  • Support students in outside time each – either a walk or simple yoga.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and model determination and resourcefulness
  • You need to be a person who loves to deliver remarkable experiences to other people. You know, you need to be someone who feels good by making other people feel good.
  • You fancy yourself as someone that is organized and can manage multiple things at a time.

You’ve got some experience with:

  • teaching, coaching, or aiding in school, camp, after school extracurriculars and/or child care.
  • basic elementary-school level understanding of math and grammar to aid students in their work.

What you WON’T have to do:

– Teach curriculum
– Worry about curriculum
– Scheduling
– Billing
– Marketing
– Sales
– Collecting payments
– Policy questions

You’ve gotta:

– Love kids
– Be able to adapt to any situation.
– have an engaging and outgoing “camp counselor” type attitude.

Job Details:

– $13.25/hour
– Monday & Tuesday 8am- 3pm and Wednesday-Friday 8am-1pm
– Access to rehearsal/performance space
– Savings on private music lessons
– Must pass background check

This is a temporary role scheduled through Nov 5th with a possible extension for 2nd quarter.

If this is a job that gets you so excited that you would even do it for free, we would totally accept that offer from you. But if you prefer compensation (and we totally get it) this is what we offer: This is a part time, admin job. The pay is $13.25 an hour. Right now it is temporary through November 5th. We may be offering the learning lab again for the 2nd quarter. So this role can grow in time for someone that is motivated to learn and grow their career as a teacher or administrative star.

Bonus if you love music.

In addition to being an organized person, you must follow systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that you are detailed oriented and can follow procedures, when you apply for this position include the line “I have found my peeps” in the first paragraph. Yep, that’s our little trick to sort out the people who blanket send their resume to anyone and everyone, from the folks (that’s you) who are truly interested in this position.

We are looking to bring our new colleague on board as soon as possible, but we will spend the necessary time to find the best fit both in abilities and culturally.

Apply with a resume and cover letter by emailing us at deanna at with the subject line “Teacher Aid Talent Search”