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There’s nothing like making music confidently.

And seeing your friends and family, mouths hanging open, in shock at your gorgeous sound.


Their applause and smiles make you feel powerful, admired and respected. There’s nothing like it.


We believe YOU CAN sing and play and it’s about so much more than just singing and playing.


It’s about enriching your life with self expression, self care and stress relief.

You may not end up like Alicia Keys or John Legend, Lady Gaga, or Billy Joel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more fun making music and be a more confident performer.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a trained musician, we will help you be the best you can be. 

The fun part is watching someone’s confidence and self-esteem skyrocket after finding something that makes them come alive.

We’d love to help you find your voice.

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I’m so so so happy I reached out to Confident Voice Studio when I did.

Music has always been a big part of my life, but I’m starting to really like both my voice and the writing I have done so far!

Couldn’t have done it without the professionals you got me learning from, and I am eternally grateful!

Hayden B. 

I give my lessons a 10.  

My teacher is so competent, giving me constructive tips and encouragement!

I really enjoy working with my teacher. She is very kind and patient, and I need the encouragement, because I don’t have that much talent.

I appreciate being able to select a song, and have options to practice karaoke, with vocal track and sheet music, on the website, convenient for my practice.

Thanks for all you do.



I feel much better, cause I ran in here 12 minutes late, kinda stressing out about all these things.

I feel like this is self care.

I feel grounded again in a good way.”



Hi Deanna, I cannot express my gratitude for my time that I have spent with you.  You have taught me so much about not only my voice, but myself as well! 

Your studio truly has the warmest feeling to it and it is so welcoming every time!  

I was little nervous going from private lessons to the Confident Vocalist Circle, but I was SO much fun!!    

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done, and continue to do for me each and every day!   

Quinn T.

I always knew I had a good voice and that I loved to sing. But I didn’t really get a chance to do much with it when I was younger.

I figured I’d just try taking voice lessons and then see what happened. I felt a bit silly taking voice lessons because I thought, well, I’m never gonna do anything with it. It’s never gonna amount anything. And a year later I’m in a few bands and recording and writing songs. 

If you want to sing and you want to develop this part of you, there’s no time like the present. You’ll regret it later, if you don’t do it now. 

Tamar F.

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