Why Choose Confident Voice Studio?

Customer Satisfaction:
With many options for musical instruction in Portland, Confident Voice Studio is consistently voted #1 by our customers. Our teachers, location, involvement in the community, business philosophy and our focus on serving our customers are just a few of the things that we believe contribute to earning that place in our customers’ minds.

At Confident Voice Studio, you are not simply signing up for private lessons. Rather, you are joining a community that is all on the same mission together: to inspire a growing community of passionate and excellent musicians! We create this community atmosphere based on some core principals:

  • Everyone has value and should be accepted, included, encouraged and affirmed through their interactions at Confident Voice Studio.
  • We must challenge each other to continually grow, develop and improve through focus, hard work and practice, AND
  • We must be honest and kind to each other at all times.

This idea of community is central to who we are as a company and how we interact with our customers. It is also key to helping us serve our students in a way that builds confidence, social skills, coordination, work ethic, personal responsibility and, of course, a love for and ability to play music.

Our studio is stocked with everything students need to create a great learning environment. From inspiring posters, to music stands, mirrors, whiteboards and a keyboard, we make sure to have a comfortable and safe space for lessons to take place. We maintain an open door policy with parents who want to sit in on a lesson from time to time.