Raving Fans

She helped me find my true voice

Before I worked with Deanna my singing voice did not feel natural. She has helped me find my true voice.

Deanna is that she is keenly focused on your particular needs as a singer, and is able to assist you in reaching your particular goals.

Working with Deanna, I gained confidence, strength of voice, as well as greater range.

John K.

Deanna’s a Confidence Booster

Before studying with Deanna… I was less confident overall in my singing, my voice cracked in a lot of places and my range was a bit narrower. The most difficult part about that was singing in front of others and not being quite sure what notes were going to come out of my mouth.

The thing about Deanna is that she is very welcoming, supportive and makes you feel comfortable. My biggest insight learned during our lessons was that it is possible to get my voice to be more predictable, the importance of proper breathing and that it really is helpful to record and listen to your own voice. And this was valuable because it’s a confidence booster especially during performances.

I gained confidence, comfort and knowledge about singing. I’d recommend Deanna to singers that want to stretch the current limits of their voice and feel more confident singing. Thanks so much for this great experience!

Mural N.

At back to school night last week, she said she wants to be a piano player when she grows up.

C. C.

Everything I could have hoped for in vocal training.

Stephen E.

Carlee T.

10 out of 10. Carlee loves you and has grown so much as a person and as a performer.

Sheena T.

Terrific job connecting with my son

My 10 year old son started taking piano lessons with Deanna Maio at Confident Voice Studio a couple of months ago, and she has done a terrific job connecting with him and helping him advance his piano practice. We highly recommend Deanna!

Carissa H.

We Love Her!

My 4-year-old son has been taking lessons with Deanna for the past 6 months. I am a preschool teacher. I was immediately impressed by how Deanna was able to connect with my child and work with him with such calmness and ease.

My son tried many different classes and has had many different instructors. Deanna has by far been his favorite instructor and he is always excited and ready for class.

The program she uses is wonderful, it introduces children to sequencing and patterns, fine motor skills and development and so much more. I highly highly recommend classes with Deanna. We love her!

Nadine S.

Could not recommend her highly enough!

Deanna is FANTASTIC! We honestly went to another piano teacher with our son previously and he was not engaged. She is patient, energetic and consistent – he is SO excited every time it is lesson day. Could not recommend her highly enough!


Kimberley Y.

He races through the door to begin the lessons

From the get-go Deanna’s been a great piano teacher to our 5 year old and each week he races through the door to begin the lessons. It’s only been a few months but we can sense his growing understanding of how the piano works. Anyone who helps my kid (or anyone’s kid) learn to play and love music gets 5 stars.

Brian Y.

Kathy James, Private Music Teacher, Portland Oregon

Before working with Deanna, my teaching skills were lacking in the area of vocal lessons for children. After working with her, I feel confident about my abilities.

The thing about Deanna is that she is a very experienced educator. She’s organized, clear, and to the point. She is easy to follow and understand when explaining a topic, and breaks everything down to a level that’s very comprehensible.

During our work together I gained ideas and materials, answers to the questions that I’ve had, validation of some of my own good ideas, and confidence. This was valuable because I wasted no time in adding material to my lessons. I am able to provide more variety and have more confidence that what I have to offer will keep them engaged and moving in a good direction.

I’d recommend Deanna to other teachers that have thought of seeking coaching or mentoring in order to become the teacher they aspire to be.

I’m a big fan and am inspired by Deanna’s many creative talents, her beautiful energy, work ethic, generosity, determination, and business savvy.
Kathy James

I love seeing how happy he is after every class with you!

E. S.

Engaging, Kind, Understanding, and Informative

We’ve been searching for a piano teacher for a few months. We knew we wanted our son to experience lessons and develop an early skill set for music but we also knew we needed a teacher who understands the needs of young kids and loves teaching them. But it’s so hard to find a teacher who is passionate about 4 year olds AND has a schedule that accommodates working moms.
Most of the teachers I found could only do mid-day appointments.
Deanna is engaging, kind, understanding, and informative. She connected with Tommy immediately and had a teaching style that is clear and direct. She also was able to vary activities in a way that allowed Tommy to focus and feel successful.


Tracy V.

I pushed past the previous limitations that I set for myself

Before I started working with Deanna I was light in presence. I didn’t have a booming voice, and though I may still not- I felt Deanna’s direction allowed me to push past the previous limitations that I set for myself.

The most difficult part about that was I hadn’t much experience singing for long periods as I later would with Deanna. I was very rough with my approach to singing- never warming up, and not aware of the harm straining can do.

If I had continued down the path I was on I probably would have damaged my voice. I had always heard of the precautions singers took, but I tended to dismiss them as obsessive or myth.

The thing about Deanna is that her approach to instruction allows a newcomer to feel welcomed and at ease when learning new techniques and being exposed to a whole new array of material, such as music. I was very new to music theory- but quickly picked it up through her teaching, and never feared asking questions.

I’d describe Deanna as considerate, patient, and observant.

I have gained knowledge in reading music and having an even greater stage presence. I loved working with Deanna and the cast, and will always use the experience as a reference for future experiences.

I’d recommend Deanna to other vocalists who want to use their voice as an ultimate instrument in their performances.

Adrian C.