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Live-Streaming Music Lessons & Workshops

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We are thrilled to be providing music lessons in a live-streaming online format!

We’ve been teaching online for over 12 years. We’ve got it down and know how to make the learning fun and valuable.

Our students enjoy having lessons in the comfort of their own homes and at their own instruments!

Note: During this time of increased isolation, many parents are finding that music lessons are vital to helping their children maintain a positive outlook! Music is a great form of stress relief and provides a positive emotional outlet. Live streaming with the teacher and fellow students add to the feeling of community while at home!

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How does this work?

Online Remote Live Streaming Lessons at Confident Voice Studio

In a word, wonderfully!

Students in lessons or classes are able to interact directly with their teacher in a live-streaming online platform called Zoom! Sessions are password protected for security and privacy. The teacher gives instructions and is able to observe and provide feedback as the student learns new concepts and techniques! Lesson notes and materials are saved to a digital folder for each student to be able to access and print at home.


  • Voice Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons

Classes & Workshops

  • Sing! Glee Club for Young Singers
  • Confident Vocalist Circle for Teens and Adults
  • Music Fun Safari Preschool Music

Benefits of Live-Streaming Lessons

  • Confidence – Being on camera is now a way of life and can help with future presentations, performances and more
  • Convenience – Not having to leave your home and being in your same “practice” space.
  • Connectivity – Face to face interaction with the teacher and fellow students
  • Consistency – Regardless of weather conditions… or quarantines ?
  • Creativity – Learning to utilize all aspects of technology to have the best learning experience
Live Steaming Lessons are Fun at Confident Voice Studio

Thank you for providing the online musical opportunity.
It’s been hard having no theater or choir and this experience perked Nathan up.
He enjoyed working on his part and letting some of his creative side out.
It was a positive, fun experience. I hope you will have another virtual musical during this quarantine time.

Shaari H.

I love “The Show Must Go Online” and the experience that it brings both on and off the stage.
The director was very encouraging throughout rehearsals. She made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.
It was really fun and I enjoyed my private rehearsal.
I can’t wait to take part in more virtual musicals during this quarantine time. 

TSMGO Cast Member
Michelle Harper

I really appreciated having the opportunity to give my child a creative outlet during the stay at home orders.
We decided to join The Show Must Go Online in part because there was no audition required and it was easy to sign up!
The scene was fun, and it was great to be able to do it all from home.
The director provided both positive as well as constructive feedback in a kind and helpful way.
The end-product was great and we loved being able to share it with friends and family.
We look forward to participating in more virtual musicals in the future!

Heather L.

Though I was initially concerned about the unique technical challenges of a virtual musical, it ended up being the perfect outlet!
Both my group rehearsal and private rehearsal were fun, positive, clarifying and improved my performance. They were the highlight of my week! The teachers were constructive and encouraging.
I would definitely recommend doing a virtual musical with Confident Voice Studio to a friend.

Bronwyn Baz

I just wanted to express my gratitude!
Our teacher has been working with my 5 year old daughter for the last month.
They’ve been patient and compassionate.
My daughter is finally starting to learn some chords on the ukulele and is very proud of herself for getting there!
Just wanted to let you know how great our teacher has been to us!

C.C., Father

Being a part of theater is part of what I do daily, weekly, monthly!
This virtual musical allowed me to still be a part of something I loved.
The rehearsal process taught me about correct filming, which will help me if I need to send in video submissions in the future.
I would love to have more online musicals as it made me be more confident in front of the camera.

Melissa Sondergeld-Hood at Confident Voice Studio
Melissa Sondergeld, Theater Artist and Teacher

I have never recorded myself in a video before. I had never even acted before! I didn’t know if I could pull it off.

The group rehearsal was a good opportunity to be in character in front of other people. It made the experience of acting more real.

I loved getting video feedback from the director. It felt very personal and made it easier to receive constructive feedback.

I was surprised at the good feedback because I had no idea if I was doing well or not since the whole experience was so new.

Overall it was very fun and a great learning opportunity, and a perfect distraction for these crazy times.

Tamar F.

It’s been hard being home, so it was great to add a fun activity to my week.
Working on my “set” got me to clean my room, and I really liked doing my hair, make up, and coming up with my costume, too.
Overall, being a part of TSMGO helped improve my breath support, my intonation/pitch, and even my listening skills.
I now strain less to hit notes and sing with more confidence!
I’m glad I didn’t turn down this chance to perform. I got more than my money’s worth!!

TSMGO Cast Member
Lenore M.

to have a performance opportunity during the stay at home order!

TSMGO Parent of Performer
Aimee H.

I loved my Performance Class with Melissa!
She let me try things a bunch of times until I got it right, and she was really paying attention and it felt really personal.
I learned good warm ups that I’ve kept doing since.

TSMGO Cast Member
Lenore M.

Before online lessons, I was unsure of how they would pan out.

Now that we are doing online lessons, I love the convenience of it


I absolutely love this place! I have been taking vocal lessons with Deanna for quite a while now, and she is nothing short of amazing! Her personality is so bright, she has a beautiful voice and she is so supportive! When I started working with her I had zero confidence in myself, but I really enjoy singing. My confidence is building thanks to her support. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality lessons with a fun and caring teacher!

Taylor D.

Hello, I’m Deirdre Neal, I’m continuing from my Husbands Robert E. Neal Jr.’s post. Part 2.

Then Deanna said you can’t breathe from your diaphragm but you could breathe from your mouth or your nose and jokingly, said your skin, if you were a lizard. That was amazingly funny. I understood at that point. She gave us a demonstration.

While doing this, she said think of being fat and being skinny, she said before you sing expand your stomach out fat while taking in the air for your breathing while inhaling, and while you exhale and you’re singing bring your stomach back into skinny, and that’s the proper way to sing, we tried that, and at that moment the theory f singing from the diaphragm, went right out the window.

We now enjoy singing again. That explanation and demonstration gave us the breakthrough we needed. Now
we have major gains in our vocal journey and are more confident in our singing. We would recommend Confident Voice
Studio, and we give them a 5 Star rating.

Thank you Deanna Maio for being a wonderful Vocal Coach. We truly love your

coaching, it is the best. Robert & Deirdre Neal! God Bless your amazing company. We wish you and your company

Deirdre Neal

Deanna has been my daughter’s voice/piano teacher for over 2 years. She is full of energy and patience each time she gives a lesson. Her demeanor is always positive and she radiates laughter. It’s such a positive experience, that my daughter can’t imagine taking lessons anywhere else. Deanna is definitely talented and one of a kind.

I can’t say enough great things about Confident Voice Studio. Deanna is an incredible vocal coach that genuinely cares about the vocal health and goals of thos she works with. Since beginning lessons with her I’ve gained vocal technique and performance tools that are incredibly beneficial, and I’ve felt supported in every step i’ve taken in my musical journey. If you have any sort of music goals, run to Confident Voice Studio- they’ll get you where you aspire to be.

Shawna Parsley

My two oldest kids have been taking piano lessons with Christie for almost a year, and we are crazy about her. Times when Christie has been unavailable, Deanna has given them their lessons. She picks up where Christie left off joyfully and seamlessly. My son is wary of new teachers, and Deanna and Christie have both worked with him confidently and it’s been a joy for all of us to see the growth – both musically and personally – in both my big kids. During this COVID crisis, Christie and Deanna have also proven themselves to be a source of support and understanding while we navigate this crisis and the profound emotional and financial impacts our family is experiencing. I am so grateful for their presence in our lives.

Katie Holland

Maggie booked another PAID voiceover role and just started her VO career about 6 months ago. Way to go Maggie!

“Hi Deanna,

I couldn’t wait until Thursday to tell you: I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of my auditions and… i just got to add another green cell to it, because i got cast in a paid role!”

I really enjoy working with my teacher. She is very kind and patient, and I need the encouragement, because I don’t have that much talent.

Any needs that have come up have always been taken care of by the studio director, the client care team or my teacher.

I appreciate being able to select a song, and have options to practice karaoke, with vocal track and sheet music, on the website, convenient for my practice.

Thanks for all you do.
L.G. (Adult Voice Student)

L.G. (Adult Voice Student)

Before I started online lessons I thought they might be less effective than being in person, maybe they couldn’t see or hear me properly.

Then I realized they were just the same as being in person. My teacher could see, hear and train me the same as if I was in her studio and I didn’t need any fancy equipment.

The thing I loved most about online lessons is I could be ANYWHERE and still participate in my lessons.  We went on a 3 week road trip and all I had to do was set up my computer during regular lesson time and I was able to continue my training without any breaks.

If someone was thinking that online lessons can’t work I’d tell them online lessons provide the same benefits as in person learning.  You meet with your teacher in their studio from the comfort of your own home.  You practice/perform for them, receive instruction and homework just like in-person class.

I’d recommend online lessons because they give you access to the highest quality teachers that you normally can’t get because they live so far away, including out of state! I’m in California and didn’t have an in-person lesson in over 2 years while studying voice and piano at Confident Voice Studio.

Deanna, I am preparing to minister with another singer/musician for a woman’s conference at the end of March–again, I am so grateful for what I have learned with you and Western.  I told the other singer if she had asked me to play with her a year ago the answer would have been “no”, I didn’t have the ability.

I have grown so much through your studio!

Thanks! Love ya.

Cita L.

I’m so so so happy I reached out to Confident Voice Studio when I did.

Music has always been a big part of my life, but I’m starting to really like both my voice and the writing I have done so far!

Couldn’t have done it without the professionals you got me learning from, and I am eternally grateful!

H. B.

Deanna is committed to her business and wants to help you find the program/teacher that will fit your needs.

I enjoyed the lessons and I received and have seen some progress. If you’re not a born singer like myself, there is no magic wine with any studio, but they do use an exercise program that has led to improvement for me.

As with any studio, ask questions and advocate for yourself and communicate and studios open to feedback and wants you to find success! Stem studios have a passive approach. Confident Voice Studio takes your business/growth seriously


Greg L.

“I had an elementary goal, which I see now. But I needed to learn to neutralize my voice. And now I am building upon that goal and reaching other goals.”

Caron M.

I keep having a ha moments as I go along. Ideas like opening up or being more gentle are becoming easier and make more sense than when I started.

L. G.