3 Fun Creative Activities for Kids

Fun creative activities for kids.


Fun creative activities that will help your child become a critical thinking adult.

Vacations are the ideal time to relax and unwind from a challenging school year. Especially one with as many challenges as the last school year has brought.

As a parent, we know your desire to meet your child’s needs in terms of rest and fun is just as important as your desire to help them grow and become responsible adults with critical thinking skills.

So, we put together 3 fun creative activities that will ignite your child’s brain power.

Research shows encouraging creativity in kids can help them become problem solvers later on in life, which means creativity can serve your child into their adulthood.

A great Blog article from parents.com quotes Doctor of Psychology Bobbi Wegner stating, “A child who is used to thinking creatively can more easily problem-solve than a child who follows a rigid protocol when searching for a solution to a problem. Creative thinking serves them far beyond their childhood years.” (Conte, Kim., 2017).


Creativity helps your child:
-Develops their individuality.
-Raises their self-esteem.
-Maintains their mental agility.
-Gives them more resources to face the day-to-day and solve problems.
-Makes them communicative and sociable.
-Encourages them to be more open-minded to new possibilities

In addition, your child will find it easier to adapt to changes as they learn and experience various ways of doing things.

So, here are 3 ways you can stimulate creativity in your child this summer, all while having fun.


Kids paint a mural for creative activity

Painting a mural is a fun activity that you can do with the whole family.

To get started, line the wall of your child’s room with white paper.
It will be a lot of fun for your child to let their imagination run wild and start painting.  Use crayons or washable paint or some other material that is easy to remove.

This activity is also excellent for developing motor skills and decision-making skills (such as the color they will put on each drawing or placing elements in the mural).

Remember that the picture does not need to be perfect.

It is also not essential that they finish the mural the same day. (This way, you avoid them getting overwhelmed).

The important thing is that you will encourage your child to develop their creativity.


Present a play as a fun creative activity for kids.

Another fun activity to ignite your child’s creativity is to perform a play at home.

You can choose a well-known play or a scene from one of your child’s favorite stories.

Or better yet,

Create a play together!

It can be a trip into space, or an adventure under the sea, etc.

Choose the characters and who will play them. If you do not have enough family members to participate, use some stuffed animals or other figurines.  You can also use elements you have at home to create a whole scene.

For costumes, you can dress up with clothes from everyone’s closet. Choose some props together.  Each person can improvise their lines, but your child can write a script for each character if they prefer.

You can even present the play on a virtual platform or in-person platform to family and friends. This will help enhance your child’s creativity and help them overcome any stage fright they might have.

Don’t forget to take pictures and make videos if you like souvenirs!


Have a concert or karaoke night as a fun creative activity for kids.

Karaoke is synonymous with fun!

Music is a key element to stimulate creativity. Research shows music has the ability to shift our moods and even help you overcome overthinking, which you can read more about in our blog post “Stop Overthinking with the Power of Music“.

So what better way to stimulate your child’s creativity than to have fun while singing their favorite songs at a family karaoke night.

You can even ask family and friends to join in as well in person or virtually.

Make this a concert if you prefer. Do members of your family play an instrument? Or, is your child learning a musical instrument?


You can organize a musical show for everyone to show off their skills.

This show can be as extravagant or as simple as you would like. Everyone can dress in costumes or their regular clothes. In addition, you can put together props for scenery, such as a string of colored lights.

It will be great fun for you and your child to rehearse and play songs together and present them to your family and friends.

While your child practices their musical instrument, they will further develop their

-motor skills
-memory skills

And of course, in addition to maximizing your child’s creativity, you will reinforce teamwork and your family unit.

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