How to Find a Voice Teacher

How to find a voice teacher

Just like everything else, choosing the right voice teacher can make or break your singing career or ambition. Therefore, it is very important to hire a good voice/singing teacher.

Ready to embark on your singing lessons adventure but unsure of how to proceed? You’re in the right place!

Read on to find out how to find the right voice teacher for you OR chat with our Client Success Team personally in a Free Private Virtual Meet and Greet

What makes a good, professional voice teacher?

A good and professional voice teacher will teach and train you to use the right singing skills to create the sound you want in a healthy way.

Most teachers have an “about” page on their website where you can peruse their qualifications, experience, and any particular specialization to see if they offer the kind of lessons you’re looking for.

I found someone who looks great, but how do I know if they’re right for me?

The ability to interact comfortably with your voice teacher is very important – just like with any good teacher, you need trust and rapport!

A voice teacher consultation (or Meet and Greet) is an excellent opportunity for you and the voice teacher to get to know each other. This is usually a shorter, free or reduced-cost session with no obligation where you have the chance to meet the teacher, chat about your background and goals, and see if you are compatible.

After the consultation or Meet and Greet, ask yourself if you really like and feel comfortable with this person! Think about how you’ll train together weekly or more. Did you “click”?

Did they put you at ease?

Did they REALLY listen to and respond to you/your hopes/your dreams?

I talked to a nice voice teacher, but I’m still unsure.

Why not ask for the recommendations or reviews from the voice teacher’s prior clients? Sometimes, these are found easily on their website, Facebook page, or Yelp page. These testimonies can indicate the popularity, credibility, and teaching style of your voice teacher, as well as what types of students they typically attract.

I’ve done my research… now what?

Unless you are absolutely sure that this will be your perfect match, don’t commit yourself to anything immediately. Take the time (a few weeks, or months!) to chat with other potential voice teachers on your list.

Remember, your voice teacher is the mentor YOU choose to guide, encourage, teach and coach you on your musical career, whether you’re a performing artist or someone who loves to sing covers for fun.

Good luck!!

Confident Voice Studio may be the right place to start your journey! Review our Lessons page for info and then schedule a Meet and Greet here

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