Four Benefits of Having a Morning Routine

Are you the type to hit the snooze button five times and then scramble out of the door, forgetting papers, spilling coffee, and running for the train? Perhaps establishing a simple morning routine might help.

And if you are just not a morning person, consider that your morning routine could actually take place the night before — pack a lunch, pack your gym bag, lay out your clothes and set the coffee maker before bed. If you aren’t sure a morning routine is for you, consider these four benefits of a solid morning routine: 

1. You won’t forget important details. If you are rushing to gather your (or your child’s) belongings every morning, it’s easy to forget things you need. If you get into a routine of keeping everything where you know it is and packing up with time to spare, it’s easier to stay organized. 

2. You’ll start the day relaxed. For most of us, the workday is frazzled enough without starting it late and stressed because you rushed out of the house. If you can get into a regular morning routine that leaves you enough time to get everything done, you can even build in a few minutes to breathe and gather your thoughts before the workday starts. 

3. You’ll get a head start on the day’s business. Establishing a simple morning routine at home that gets you out of the door in good time will help you make a better start at work, too.

4. Getting off to a good start helps you leave work on time. If you waste the first couple of hours of the day getting yourself awake and ready to work, it’s harder to leave on time. If you can establish a solid morning routine, it’s easier to get down to work and then get home on time at the end of the day. 

How to Establish a Morning Routine

Convinced that you need a morning routine? Here are some tips: 

* Start with one change at a time, such as swearing off the snooze button. Once one change becomes routine, make another change. 

* Think about morning tasks that can be done the night before, and get them done then. 

* Keep it realistic. You probably aren’t going to start waking up at 5 am and then work out, meditate, walk the dog, make a hot breakfast, and get to work an hour early if you are used to rolling out of bed and straight to work at 8:30 am. Think of one small change that would make a real improvement in your day, and start there. 

* Recognize that changing habits is a process. It may take a few tries before you can establish the habits you want. Don’t give up if you slip up; it’s part of the process. Just get back on track with your morning routine as soon as possible.

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