Grit Is the Strongest Predictor of Future Success


Grit Is the Strongest Predictor of Future Success

In formalized business, it is standard practice to develop protocols, policies, and procedures for operations. If you go to McDonalds in New York you will see the same method for making a Big Mac as you will see in a California McDonalds. A Starbucks latte is made with the same steps and methods in Washington as it is in Florida.

The process is the strongest predictor that there will be continuity in the sandwich and the latte, no matter where it is, or who is making it.

Grit is the strongest predictor for future success in an individual; grit overcomes wit and ability every time. Studies have proven that given a group with equal IQ scores and ability, those with grit will beat out their counterparts.

Those with grit will adapt, take direction, seek to understand, and make changes to endure things that others can’t or won’t. This becomes the edge and the greatest predictor of success.

Grit is like compound interest in a money account; once you get a little, it is easier to get more. Once you endure something and adapt, or create a solution to overcome or dig deeper, it never goes away. It becomes a cornerstone that future grit is built on.

Professional athletes are a great example of learning to endure, adapt, and withstand using their grit. Even after leaving the athletic world behind, they use the same mindset and tools in other areas of life. They outwit and outlast competitors in the marketplace because they know how to get into a zone their competitors do not.

You can use your past experiences to influence your current or future situations by calling on the skills you created when you had to fight to overcome so you can rise out of a difficult time…

✔Bounding back after a bad audition or performance

✔Finding out you didn’t the get the role or job when you really wanted it

✔That time you had to say goodbye to someone you loved

✔That season you didn’t sleep when your baby was small and you had to    be at work

✔Being in boot camp or on tour during your military career

✔Working menial jobs and creating a budget with little income

✔Being a single parent with no support

✔Overcoming a medical event

✔Bringing your credit back after bankruptcy

If you have endured loss and came out the other side, you have undoubtedly developed grit.

Use the skills you learned as a platform and open up your mind to adding to the skills you already have.

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