Are you struggling with being stuck at home?

I know, I am. And it’s not just recently. The entire pandemic I’ve struggled with my own mental health at home. More than I did before (which I did before)

As a voice teacher, I talk with a lot of artists and those that love them (aka parents of young artists) And mental health is often a topic of conversation.

I believe that in the right circumstances, with people you trust, talking about it makes it easier for us to realize we’re not the only ones that struggle with depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges.

And when we know we’re not the only one, it somehow makes it easier. Plus we may end up with resources we didn’t have before because a trusted advisor shares them.

I found this article today and I thought it had some good tips and reminders.

Struggling with Mental Health at Home? Here’s Some Tips.

Perhaps It will help you or someone you love.