Announcing the NEW Confident Singing Made Simple podcast!

Confident Singing Made Simple Podcast

Announcing the NEW Confident Singing Made Simple podcast

Launching May 27!

Listen to the trailer now below and subscribe on Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Stitcher, or Podchaser.

Hey! This Deanna Maio, voice teacher, performance coach, performer and award-winning voice studio owner. And I’m excited to be launching my new show,Confident Singing Made Simple very soon.

This show is going to be your ultimate guide for simplifying and demystifying the craft, musicianship and performance skills to being a versatile confident singer.

Every week, I’ll be sharing episodes designed to help you sing with more control, consistency, and choices, and perform with more confidence so you impress your audience and have a blast while doing it.

I’ll be sharing more details and information over on my Facebook group, Confident Singing Made Simple, but until then subscribe here so you don’t miss anything when we go live.

I’m also going to bring on some brilliant minds from my personal network to help you get the most from this podcast and give you insider knowledge that’s hard to find on the internet.

Also, I’d be extremely thankful if you shared a link to the show on social media and tag me in the post.
So keep an eye out for episode one coming soon right here.

Until then this is Deanna Maio signing off from Confident Singing Made Simple.

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We’re Confident Voice Studio. We are a team of nurturing teachers who can help with voice, piano, guitar, violin, and songwriting. Our expertise ranges from preschool to adult. From the first lesson to nailing an audition or preparing for performances we've got your back.

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