our teachers are always learning

At Confident Voice Studio, our teachers are always learning!

This is great for you for many reasons.

First, they are well-versed in the content they teach and can answer questions that students have.

Second, they have seen the challenges that students often face when learning new material and can identify those challenges as they come up in a class.

Third, though everyone learns slightly differently (which is why one of our core pillars is customizing the learning to the student’s goals), teachers have their own style of learning and when they share their own experience with a particular topic they make it more relatable to students in their class.

Our teachers learn all the same things so they can help you better! And they share what they learn with each other so that together we are all growing for the better.

About Us

We’re Confident Voice Studio. We are a team of nurturing teachers who can help with voice, piano, guitar, violin, and songwriting. Our expertise ranges from preschool to adult. From the first lesson to nailing an audition or preparing for performances we've got your back.

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