The Benefits of Self-Taping Your Performance

Self Tape Success

Self-taping is fun and important skill to learn for any performer! 

In the future, more and more performances and auditions will be done by recording a video at home and sending it or posting it.

Our suggestion? Try it out!

It may feel strange at first, and that’s okay!

Many of us aren’t used to watching ourselves perform on video at first. 

However, the experience will help you…

  • get comfortable with being on-camera,
  • showcase your talent to a wider audience, and
  • build confidence!


Our studio members’ favorite perks of self-taping…

Self Tape Success

  • There’s no pressure to “get it right” on the first try.
  • You gain a deeper appreciation/working knowledge of lighting and sound design.
  • Once you’re done, there’s no nerves on the day of the performance

Looking for self-tape tips for success? Here’s a checklist of video recording tips to ensure your performance shines.

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