Before I started working with Deanna I was light in presence. I didn’t have a booming voice, and though I may still not- I felt Deanna’s direction allowed me to push past the previous limitations that I set for myself.

The most difficult part about that was I hadn’t much experience singing for long periods as I later would with Deanna. I was very rough with my approach to singing- never warming up, and not aware of the harm straining can do.

If I had continued down the path I was on I probably would have damaged my voice. I had always heard of the precautions singers took, but I tended to dismiss them as obsessive or myth.

The thing about Deanna is that her approach to instruction allows a newcomer to feel welcomed and at ease when learning new techniques and being exposed to a whole new array of material, such as music. I was very new to music theory- but quickly picked it up through her teaching, and never feared asking questions.

I’d describe Deanna as considerate, patient, and observant.

I have gained knowledge in reading music and having an even greater stage presence. I loved working with Deanna and the cast, and will always use the experience as a reference for future experiences.

I’d recommend Deanna to other vocalists who want to use their voice as an ultimate instrument in their performances.