Hello, I’m Deirdre Neal, I’m continuing from my Husbands Robert E. Neal Jr.’s post. Part 2.

Then Deanna said you can’t breathe from your diaphragm but you could breathe from your mouth or your nose and jokingly, said your skin, if you were a lizard. That was amazingly funny. I understood at that point. She gave us a demonstration.

While doing this, she said think of being fat and being skinny, she said before you sing expand your stomach out fat while taking in the air for your breathing while inhaling, and while you exhale and you’re singing bring your stomach back into skinny, and that’s the proper way to sing, we tried that, and at that moment the theory f singing from the diaphragm, went right out the window.

We now enjoy singing again. That explanation and demonstration gave us the breakthrough we needed. Now
we have major gains in our vocal journey and are more confident in our singing. We would recommend Confident Voice
Studio, and we give them a 5 Star rating.

Thank you Deanna Maio for being a wonderful Vocal Coach. We truly love your

coaching, it is the best. Robert & Deirdre Neal! God Bless your amazing company. We wish you and your company