Before working with Deanna, my teaching skills were lacking in the area of vocal lessons for children. After working with her, I feel confident about my abilities.

The thing about Deanna is that she is a very experienced educator. She’s organized, clear, and to the point. She is easy to follow and understand when explaining a topic, and breaks everything down to a level that’s very comprehensible.

During our work together I gained ideas and materials, answers to the questions that I’ve had, validation of some of my own good ideas, and confidence. This was valuable because I wasted no time in adding material to my lessons. I am able to provide more variety and have more confidence that what I have to offer will keep them engaged and moving in a good direction.

I’d recommend Deanna to other teachers that have thought of seeking coaching or mentoring in order to become the teacher they aspire to be.

I’m a big fan and am inspired by Deanna’s many creative talents, her beautiful energy, work ethic, generosity, determination, and business savvy.