7 Steps to Find Your Unique Voice

Our individual voices are more powerful than we know.

Unique voices can help guide people and keep them from making mistakes. They can give support to a belief or dispel misunderstanding. Voices show our uniqueness and individuality. But if we fail to utilize and exercise our voices, they will fade with time. We will lose the ability to allow our words to change us and the people around us.

It’s not easy to stand out and reveal yourself to the world. We learn early in life that it’s often easier to blend in. 

However, the world needs your individuality. Life is never completely satisfying while you’re pretending to be less than you really are. Let the world see you for who you are.

So, just how do you go about finding your voice? Here are tips that will help you out!

1. Acknowledge that everyone is trying to fit in.

All of us have a natural desire to blend in. Although it is uncomfortable to be different, doing so will lead to greater achievement and fulfillment.

  • The majority of the renowned people you can think of managed to get over their desire to remain nameless. They were prepared to share their greatest and most distinctive talents out into the world.
2. Embrace what’s unique about you.

Provide answers to the following so you can have a better understanding of yourself.

  • How are you different from others?
  • What skill do you possess that other people lack?
  • What are your innate talents and abilities?
  • What unique value can you bring to the world?
3. Understand that people are respected for daring to be unique

Consider the people you know who are willing to be really themselves regardless of the situation. Their level of comfort is very attractive and appealing. We tend to adore those who possess this talent and aspire to be more like them.

4. Uncover your passion.

Find ways to show yourself to the world that aren’t too uncomfortable. Suppose your talent is painting, but you fear showing anyone your work. You might choose to post your artwork anonymously online. Or you might try to sell your art in a gallery that’s out of town.

  • What can you do to begin exposing yourself to the world slowly and comfortably? Maybe you can start with your friends.
  • Give your opinions freely. One way to show your individuality is to just share your opinions when appropriate.
5. Concentrate on the Positive.

When you start seeing the results from taking the first step, focus on the positive. Enjoy the compliments as they come. Notice how any criticism doesn’t really mean a thing. The more comfortable you are taking a bigger step, the more you allow yourself to grow.

6. Find like-minded people.

Looking for others who share your interests in the community will help you feel braver. There are those who are making the same effort as you. For example, you might find additional artists to hang out with and exchange knowledge as you can support each other.

7. Thrive as you are.

Never stop moving forward. You don’t have to move quickly to get somewhere wonderful. You simply need to keep moving.

  • Keep yourself just a little bit uncomfortable and grow used to that sensation if you want to achieve a huge achievement.
  • Be prepared to put your best foot forward in a bigger and better way because the world needs your best.
Simply, the secret to finding your voice lies in how passionate you are about life!

We admire those people that are not afraid to be authentic and be themselves. In a sea of typical people, those courageous enough to present themselves honestly to the world are valued and respected. You can be one of those people. Take a deep breath and reveal your true self. Share your talents and your weirdness. 

The world needs you.

How curious are you to pay attention, understand, and realize the nature and the nature of your existence? Confident Voice Studio is excited to hear your insights!

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