3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A “Good Human”

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A Good Human

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A Good Human

How music teaches patience, responsibility, empathy, and one more bonus skill your child will use into adulthood.


Music offers a countless amount of benefits to your child physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.

The benefits of music include:
  • development of motor skills.
  • Improvement in reflexes.
  • Improvement in attention and concentration.
  • Strengthens memory.
  • Helps to overcome shyness.
  • Promotes teamwork.
  • Generates sensitivity to the environment.
  • It helps to form character, etc.

For more on some of these benefits, you can check out our previous blog post, “Benefits of Voice Lessons for Kids“.


Did you know that in addition to these advantages, learning an instrument strengthens values in your kiddo?

Yes, it does!

The list is extensive, but today I’m giving you 3 of the skills your child will be able to develop, thanks to you and music.

1) Patience

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A "Good Human": Patience

Studying music requires your child to apply their knowledge to the instrument.

Since learning this instrument is a new language, understanding that knowledge and using it to play the instrument takes some time.

The time and persistence it takes to learn an instrument (including voice) is the aspect that will help your child reinforce patience.

In music, results do not always come on the first try.  Regular practice is necessary to achieve the expected goals.

The development of patience goes hand in hand with another advantage: better management of emotions.

Thanks to music, your child will react much better to frustrating situations (for example, if something doesn’t go their way).

Or, situations that cause fear (such as nerves before the first day of school or a performance).

With values such as patience, your child will have great strength to face the challenges of everyday life.

2) Responsibility

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A "Good Human":Responsibility

Music will teach your child to be responsible in a fun way.


At Confident Voice Studio, teachers guide their students to perform musical exercises and teach them the importance of being responsible in their practice at home.

Depending on your child’s age, this will be done using different learning techniques and sometimes what we call “games” for younger students.

These “games” allow young children to begin associating practice with fun, which makes practice time at home for parents much more manageable.

You can check this blog post to see what progress to expect from your child’s music lessons in months 1, 6, and 12.

Also, students strengthen skills, such as responsibility, by learning how to take care of their instrument.

As their love for music grows, they become more responsible in the care of their instrument.

And when they are older, they understand even better the investment made by their parents.

3) Empathy

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A "Good Human":Empathy3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A "Good Human": Empathy

Learning an instrument is an activity in which the musical ear is constantly trained.

This means it is necessary to pay full attention to what is heard.

The regular exercise of listening, and other neurological factors, are what will help your child develop the ability to actively listen to those around them.

This article by Greater Good Magazine: Science based insight for a meaningful life goes over a recent study that showed children who participated in music games and lessons over a school year, showed more empathy than children who did not participate in music lessons and games.

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another person’s place and become more aware of one’s environment.

In other words, music helps a person become more aware and sensitive to their environment.

Which also means they will become more compassionate toward their environment.

4) Bonus-Teamwork

3 Ways Music Can Help You Raise A "Good Human": Teamwork

Empathy also makes teamwork much easier.

Since teamwork is one of the most common activities in music, your child will have regular practice working well with others.

For example, students prepare to perform in ensembles or bands.

When practicing with their fellow musicians, your child must be aware of each group member’s contribution and role in the performance.

This allows all parts to come together into one stellar performance.

From academics, sports, work-life as an adult, and your family unit, developing the value of teamwork in your child will serve them for a lifetime.

At Confident Voice Studio, we have a unique method for your child to fall in love with music and stay motivated all year long.

Your kiddo will enjoy learning their favorite songs, participating in a photoshoot, virtual practice challenge, and reinforcing all these skills.

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