iPhone Apps We Love for Singers and Other Musicians

iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

As a music studio founder, director, and teacher, these iPhone apps are absolute essentials when it comes to teaching and making music (professionally or for fun!)

These are my recommendations for fellow iPhone users who…

  • Love to sing or play instruments
  • Teach music in any capacity
  • Are life-long music learners, and/or
  • Rely on their voice (and recordings of it!) in everyday life


Best iPhone Apps for Recording Music

iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

Voice Memos

Get it here.

This portable audio recorder is my go-to high quality recording app for everyday use. This app doesn’t only reduce background noise, but also fine tunes your recordings.

(Pro tip: You could also try it with your apple watch so that you can capture new recordings right from your wrist.)

Decibel X

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This app turns your device to a professional sound level meter. The precision matches with real SPL devices and is capable of long duration recording. It also helps your protect your ears (very important!) by knowing how loud an environment is.

Pro Metronome

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This powerful, customizable tool is perfect for training musicians. Pro metronome is packed with features such as pendulum mode for visual feedback and RTP (Real Time Playback) technology. It also includes Timer to help you keep track of your session and allows you to save or program your tempo to suit your practice songs.

Best iPhone Apps for Music Practice

Practice Piano with iPhone Apps I Love


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(Ha, ha… get it??)

I LOVE this app and recommend it to my students all the time. With over 450 vocal exercises and warm ups, Appcompanist is an amazing tool for music training. 


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For when you’re going paperless and wanna get organized!

With forScore you can copy PDFs and share scores with colleagues anytime. This app also lets you group scores manually , or rearrange and duplicate pages of a score to play without jumping back and forth. 

iReal Pro

Get it here.

Have your own band anytime you practice! iReal Pro lets you practice with a realistic sounding piano, bass and drum accompaniments. You can choose from 50 different accompaniment styles or create your own using the Editor feature.

Best iPhone Apps for Music Education

Larynx ID

Get it here.

When you sing, you begin by breathing and the muscles of your larynx bring the vocal cords together. This app helps students to learn about the normal larynx structure with animated and anatomical illustrations. 

Respiration ID

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Check out this app to see how your lungs function when you breath in and out during your practice. This includes an animated illustration of your thorax and lungs during respiration.

Note Rush

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Who says note reading can’t be fun? Note rush is a game for practicing note reading on the music staff to help you learn your instrument. This is way better than your ordinary flash cards and will help you improve your note recognition across the two staves.

Best iPhone Apps for Piano Practice

PA Player

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Piano Adventures can make your at-home practice more productive. This app allows you to set loops to rehearse difficult sections and control tempo on your music piece. It includes free songs per level and you can download this app for free!


Get it here.

Virtuoso is a multi touch piano app that can be downloaded for free. This app now includes four pianos, a classic concert, a broken pub piano, an electric piano and an old radio piano. It also features play along in the music library which you can access anytime and anywhere. 


Best iPhone Apps for Tuning your Instrument

Pano Tuner

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Play a sound and Pano Tuner will show you the pitch! This app has a quick and sensitive response to sounds and has a wide range of pitch sensor that is applicable to any of your instruments.  You can also adjust its frequency and sensitivity to tune your instrument more accurately. 

TE Tuner

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This app can be considered as your all in one practicing tool. It features an art tuner, an advanced metronome, dedicated orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, a piano keyboard, sound analysis pages, and audio/visual recording capabilities. It is also easy to use and available in different instrument sounds.

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