What Should I Do When the Weather is Bad?

What do I do when/if the weather is bad?

Confident Voice Studio has a bad weather policy. Lessons will generally be canceled for inclement weather if schools are closed, in which case, lessons will be conducted via ZOOM! (SO FUN)

Flex Weeks are weeks of unscheduled time off that Studio may choose to use in the event of an emergency, illness, or another personal matter.

These flex weeks are days off that you are not, and will not pay for, as we will make sure that we are scheduled to teach the 36 lessons included in your package. In the event that we need to use a Flex Week, a studio team member will inform you verbally, by email and/or text.

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We’re Confident Voice Studio. We are a team of nurturing teachers who can help with voice, piano, guitar, violin, and songwriting. Our expertise ranges from preschool to adult. From the first lesson to nailing an audition or preparing for performances we've got your back.

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