Which musical instrument is the right one to start with?

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Which musical instrument is the right one to start with?


It often happens that when parents decide to give their little one the wonderful gift of musical learning, they get excited about the instrument they like best.


Or suddenly, if they already play the guitar, they like the idea that they learn the same thing, because they already have the instrument at home.


But is this the best thing to do for a young child?


To be honest, no.


There are instruments that are suitable to start in the world of music at an early age, because they have certain characteristics, which are adjusted to the development needs of the child.


These particularities are what help the child in his learning by:

  • The ease they give you to be able to play or sing.
  • The type of sound they make (friendlier to a young child’s ear).
    The ability to accompany playful activities, which better fix knowledge.


Studies abut infant and toddler development (under 4 years old) we recommend percussion instruments a lot.


This helps them to recognize sounds, have a sense of rhythm, and also develop basic skills, such as body control.


However, when we talk about learning to play an instrument at 4 years old, the ideal age to start studying music, the ideal instrument is undoubtedly the piano.


Why? Let’s see.

The piano develops your child’s skills

The first thing you should know about this instrument is that it will give your child the ability to produce beautiful sounds without too much physical effort.



The softness of an (electric) keyboard, the friendliest version of a piano for young children, will help your child in his musical learning, since with this they will be able to produce the notes, without requiring as much energy from him, as happens with other instruments, such as drums.


Nor will it require more strength in their fingers, as is needed to be able to pluck the strings of a guitar.


For these and other reasons that I will tell you below, the keyboard turns out to be the best instrument for your little one to start studying music.


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1. Improve Motor Skills with Piano

Studying piano will enhance your child’s motor development, since when listening and learning children’s songs, the following will happen:

  • Your child will learn to follow and differentiate rhythms.
  • By following the rhythm of the songs, you will gain better body control.
  • With keyboard practice, you can master and use both hands, independently and together.
  • You will work with all your fingers and through the keystrokes, you will learn to control your strength and to acquire precision.
  • The keyboard perfects fine motor skills which, in this case, is the ability to coordinate what they see (the sheet music) with the movement of their fingers, to interpret the notes they read on the keyboard.

Fun fact:  Did you know that the piano is a practice that protects against arthritis?


This is one of many reasons why you can be sure that, with music, your child will receive benefits for a lifetime.

2. Power the language

Music is one of the most complete activities to enhance language.


Regarding the piano and its excellent influence on the development of language in young children, we can highlight that:

  • Body movements, gestures, combined with speech and music, while singing and / or interpreting children’s songs, will make your child easily memorize new words.
  • This is even an effective tool for your child to learn other languages.
  • Through the songs that your little one will rehearse, they will be able to improve his vocalization.
  • Music, as an additional language to the one they already use, helps children have more resources to express their feelings and communicate what they think.
  • This, in turn, will motivate them to overcome shyness and be more sociable people.
  • Keep in mind that knowing the first notions of music, in a fun way and with friends, will promote teamwork and social integration in your child, which will represent a very enriching experience for them.

3. Music Stimulates Your Brain

Music is a beautiful art that stimulates the connections between neurons in the brain.


For this reason, it could be said that listening and practicing an instrument is an exercise in agility for your child’s mind.


What benefits does it bring?

  • Learning to play the piano at an early age improves the child’s learning capacity, through the lyrics of songs that he memorizes and the interpretation of melodies.
  • It improves concentration, because you need to put distractions aside to be able to read the notes and interpret them.

That is, it demands the focus on a single task: interpreting the music from the scores.

  • It enhances your memory, since each time you sing and practice a song, the knowledge is fixed more quickly, because it is associated with gestures, movements and sounds.
  • Increase your child’s creativity. Rest assured that once your little artist begins his piano lessons, he will be motivated to compose his own songs, with which he will have a lot of fun.


And to this, let’s add the qualities that your child can acquire through the study of a musical instrument, such as the piano:

  • Sensitivity.
  • Constancy.
  • Empathy.
  • Patience.
  • Discipline, etc.

As you can see, the piano is par excellence the most complete musical instrument for your young child to develop their full potential and, of course, their talent.


Would you like to offer all these benefits to your child, from now on?


Too easy. Just call us and schedule a Music Exploration Lesson.

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Make your little one make the most of his vacations, develop his skills and also learn in a fun way to play a musical instrument and share his talent with new friends.

Click on the images to find out how music can benefit your little artist and what you need to do to schedule your free exploration lesson.


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