5 Hidden Benefits of Live-Streaming Music Lessons

Discover the #1 hidden benefit of our virtual lessons in this 30-second video!

If you’re reading this, your life has probably gone remote!

You now find yourself juggling work, school, and family get-togethers all through Facetime, Zoom, and phone calls.

It’s an unexpected change, but you’re learning and persisting.

Music lessons are just another part of life that can and WILL continue, despite COVID-19.

Here at Confident Voice Studio, we’ve been teaching online for a collective 15 years so it’s not new to us. We’ve perfected teaching “online” a long time ago.

We’re continuing group classes, private lessons, and exciting, new offerings (did you catch “The Show Must Go Online”?), all in our virtual studio.

Read on to discover 5 hidden benefits of live-streaming music lessons! 

1. Confidence on camera!

Being on camera is now a way of life! And no matter your, or your music student’s age, it’s something you can improve to build more trust, learning and improve communication online. 

Live-streaming music lessons are a low-stress environment where students can work out their on-camera jitters, learn how to get technology working smoothly, and become confident and SHINE through the camera. 

If you or your child can confidently and proudly SING live on camera to your teacher, imagine how much easier a remote job interview, leading a virtual meeting, or recording a speech for school, will feel.

There’s no doubt that people who feel at ease doing remote lessons will take that skill far, even after quarantine is lifted. 

2. Convenience

Introverts and busy parents may relish the convenience of not having to leave home! And yes, that certainly is a plus for many.

But we hear you, extraverts. You need more convincing that online lessons could have benefits BEYOND what in-person lessons can offer. 🙂

Did you know that students at Confident Voice Studio can opt-in to having their live-streaming lessons recorded and sent to them right after their lesson? 

If you’ve ever received feedback from your teacher that you wanted to remember, or learned a new technique that you just couldn’t quite capture while practicing alone, recorded lessons are a PRICELESS resource. Being able to travel back in time to review insights and knowledge is a unique benefit to online lessons.

3. Connectivity

To the team at Confident Voice Studio, moments of community centered around music are something we’re not willing to let go of – and you don’t have to, either. 

Music has the potential to calm, motivate, and heal us. Musicians and singers enjoy emotional, physical, and psychological benefits from making music – and that’s proven by scientific studies! 

However, studies note that positive interaction with others throughout your musical journey is crucial to experiencing those benefits. 

In other words, painstakingly plunking out notes at home in isolation, with no support from your teacher or fellow music students, DOES NOT reap the same benefits that being in online music lessons will. 

4. Consistency 

Life is demanding a lot of motivation and dedication from all of us right now. If you’re asking yourself: how can I stay on top of my music education with work, school assignments, and household chores to do? We understand. 

But we all know that whether you’re a singer, pianist or ukulelist, when you don’t commit to practice, your skills dwindle very quickly! 

That’s why online lessons are an investment worth making. Confident Voice Studio can offer you an entire team of teachers dedicated to YOUR growth and learning. Together, we can design a lesson plan and play at home schedule that’s realistic and achievable for you. 

5. Creativity

Communicating through a video conferencing app is easy, fun and highly manageable! You and your teacher will creatively discover and co-create new, exciting ways to learn that best suit you. 

They say that creativity blossoms within constraints. Whether that be through screen-sharing a lesson plan or swapping mp3 files back and forth in real time, you’ll grow as a learner, musician, and singer by trying new things. (And become more technologically adept, in the meantime!)

Are you ready to learn how to SHINE on camera? Do you miss making music consistently? Would you rather spend your free time learning and connecting with others than binging Netflix?

If you or your child answered “yes!” to any of those questions, we want to be your boredom relief team!

Get in touch with us today at https://confidentvoicestudio.com/getstarted/!

P.S. Here’s the skinny on remote lessons and how they work!

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