FAQs about the Virtual Studio

Wondering how Remote, Live-Streaming Lessons work? 

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Is it a live program? 

Yes! Confident Voice Studio has always offered virtual lessons and our teachers have been teaching online for 15 years collectively.  Your lesson will take place over a video call in real time and follow the same structure that you’re used to. You’ll pick up the fun and learning right where you left it!

Is there added work I have to do/energy I have to spend outside of the lesson?

No! You’ll be given the normal amount of practice your teacher usually assigns you, if any at all.

There’s the added 1 minute it takes to open a link and turn on your webcam/microphone, but after one lesson or two, you’ll be an expert at that. 🙂

What if I don’t have all the learning materials I need?

We will provide everything you’ll need (books, worksheets, videos, whatever) downloadable so that you don’t miss out on any of the learning opportunities and resources you had in the studio.

Isn’t it a waste of time if we can’t meet in person? 

Online lessons offer the exact same benefits that in-person ones do! The 5 C’s: Confidence, convenience, connectivity, consistency and creativity! 

Learn more about the 5 hidden benefits of online lessons on our blog

In addition, you can opt-in to having your lesson recorded and sent to you, providing a new way to revisit feedback and gain insights.

What equipment do I need?

No special equipment needed! Join from any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop and the free Zoom app.

What if my child can’t focus on a video call? 

Our experienced teachers are used to their younger students getting distracted and having the wiggles sometimes! 

We’re practiced and patient, with a wealth of strategies to keep kiddos engaged. 

These strategies are the same whether we’re connecting over a video call or in person! 

What happens if we have technical difficulties? 

We have a client care desk that can quickly address your concerns whether they’re Zoom or Wifi-related! 

We’ll see that you have our client care desk email and phone number so you can email, text or call if something comes up and you need support. 

Ready to embark on your own unique musical journey?

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We’re Confident Voice Studio. We are a team of nurturing teachers who can help with voice, piano, guitar, violin, and songwriting. Our expertise ranges from preschool to adult. From the first lesson to nailing an audition or preparing for performances we've got your back.

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