Sing! Kids Glee Club


Ages 6-12


Voice, Musicianship and Performance
For Young Vocalists


Sing! Glee Club enables students to acquire skills in three main areas: Voice training, musicality and performance to enhance learning, self-confidence and have FUN!


This introductory vocal class creates an experience where young singers learn to sing but together they will become more confident performers and people.

Classes include:

  • Fun music and singing games
  • Music and movement exercises
  • Vocal exploration
  • Music theory
  • Singing fun and educational songs
  • And more

And with just 6 singers, participants get a quality learning experience, plenty of individual attention and personal support.

Sing! Glee Club creates a comprehensive learning experience that gives students more time to learn concepts and apply them to music.


Sing! Glee Club reinforces skills and concepts for better retention. Students can progress faster and have more fun than in private lessons.


And every 12 weeks students perform at our Performance Parties. (optional but highly recommended)

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