What You Can Do to Prepare to Nail Your Next Singing Audition

An audition is your opportunity to share what you’ve learned and to showcase your individuality and passion. This guide will help you understand key areas to focus on during your preparation period so that you can shine on the big day.

Learn the Audition Material

Allowing sufficient time to learn and practice the audition material is vital, and it can help you be more prepared and feel more confident during the audition itself. When you’re learning new material that you haven’t sung before, it is beneficial to listen to recordings of the pieces by different singers. This will give you a sense of the musical style, and it might spark your creativity, too. It is also important to look at different editions of the score to identify any differences between publications that you might want to investigate. Set a pace that works for you, and try to include a combination of new pieces and works that you’ve already sung to keep things comfortable and positive.

Update Your Headshots

According to Brian K. Creative Photography, headshots are often the audition committee’s first impression of you, so it is helpful to update your headshots as regularly as possible. The key for taking a quality headshot is to dress simply, style your hair in a natural way, make your makeup look polished not over the top, and find a comfortable pose. Aim to wear clothes that make you feel confident, and consider having headshot sessions with several different photographers to find your best look. Depending on the role for which you’re auditioning, you may want to send in a more relaxed headshot or a more dramatic one, so it can help to have several current headshots available at any given time.

Get a Mentor

Singers need support and mentoring throughout their lives, and performing your audition selections for a trusted mentor will help you polish each piece so that your performance reflects your full range of musical expression. Your mentor can coach you to alter small details that will improve the quality of your singing, and practicing in front of them regularly could help calm your nerves. You may want to consider having several mentors at one time so that you can have lots of feedback. Your audition is a vehicle to musical opportunities, don’t let the vehicle pass you by. Always reach out for help from others during your preparation, and choose pieces that you love. Happy singing!

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