What to Keep in Mind When Your Child is Going to Sing on Stage

Many children have a knack for singing. They love to perform for their family and friends but there comes a time where they want to sing on stage at a talent show or competition. Participating in these events will help them grow as a singer. Here are some things to keep in mind before your child makes their stage debut!


Part of the thrill of singing on stage comes from being able to wear a great outfit. Depending on the event, you may need a variety of clothing choices, so make sure to read the rules carefully. Make sure your child wears something that they feel comfortable in and that sets them apart from the rest. However, try not to have them wear something that’s too busy. If it’s a singing competition, you want the judges to remember their voice rather than their outfit. Choose accessories that compliment your outfit without distracting from it.

Get Headshots

The chances are that you will need headshots for a singing competition. Since this is usually the judges’ first introduction to you, they must look professional. A shot looking straight into the camera is often a great place to begin, especially for contestants who are not comfortable having their photo taken. Avoid shots with the hand to the face because they look like cheap glamour shots that you might find on direct mailings. Whichever headshot you choose, it must portray an emotional connection with the camera because the photo will then make an emotional connection on the judge. To have a successful headshot, it’s important to keep in your child’s outfit and comfort level.


There will be many talented children at a singing competition or showcase. While it is natural to think that yours is the most gifted, it is still important to step away for just a moment and consider your child’s poise. You and your child should both be having a great time, or it may be time to move on to a different activity, at least for a while. Remember that your child will follow your lead in how they are supposed to treat others. Realize that people are only human, and they will make mistakes. Ensure that your child realizes that you love them, even if today was not their winning day.

Singing is a great way for children to express themselves and grow in confidence. Singing on stage for the first time can be scary for anyone, but especially kids. Follow the tips above to ensure your child is comfortable and having fun the first time they sing in front of a bigger audience.

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