Parents: I just want you to know that today, and with every email I send our post we post here on our blog, my whole mission is to help your child be the most confident, happy, resilient, calm child they can be.

I know that by them being confident and resilient it’s going to help them in school, their future careers, relationships and well…just about every aspect of their lives.

And when your child joins us for music lessons, we can really get them there.

I know because I’ve seen it. And I’ve experienced it.

When I was a kid my mom enrolled me piano lessons.

My teacher sat on the bench or next to me watching, and it was intimidating. My brain was trying to building brain and fingers connections and those take time and aren’t helped by playing boring songs. And by forcing practice before I had built skills they just set me up for failure.

It’s no surprise I quit lessons as a kid.

But when I started to learn and take classes the way we teach at Confident Voice Studio, my entire life changed.

At Confident Voice Studio these are “NOT your Grandma’s Music lessons.”

Music has given me the confidence to handle any almost every problem I’ve ever had. Whether that’s in my career, relationships, conflicts, communication, disappointments, stress…you name it.

Imagine if your child could:

  • get up and speak in front of a room without feeling nervous or afraid.
  • be put on the spot without anxiety or fear.
  • easily introduce themselves to strangers and make new friends,
  • release stress.
  • appreciate other cultures and other kinds of people…which makes them more compassionate and patient.
  • know how to breakdown a large problem or challenge into smaller actionable pieces.
  • organize, systemize, and manage their time better
  • have more focus and concentration

This, and more, can happen for your child through music classes at Confident Voice Studio.

After just 1-3 classes at Confident Voice Studio you’ll see their energy (whether they tend to be shy or rambunctious) turns into confidence, new skills, and they’ll feel proud of themselves.


Learn to love where they are in the journey which brings patience.

♬  Appreciate their “micro wins” along the way instead of demanding perfection from themselves.

♬  Gain compassion for others because when you see someone else on the learning journey just like you are. When you experience that, you remember to give kindness to others.

♬  Learn how to speak up and ask for what they need. This translates to having the confidence to speak up when you know in your gut something’s not right, whether that be about for yourself or someone else.

Learn to love themselves

♬ Make friends easily…instead of shrinking and wanting to fade away.

Reduce their anxiety and depression while having fun learning music.

If you’d like to explore this for your child, I’d love for you to schedule a complimentary exploration chat (and first class) with us. Just click here to get yours now. 

There’s no obligation or risk.

And there’s so much for your child to gain.

PS. Here’s a picture of me singing from the other night. I’d never sung this song with these musicians before. You wanna talk about handling yourself with cool, calm and confidence? And it was easy because of what I’ve learned and what we teach our students at Confident Voice Studio.

This kind of confidence can be available to your kiddo too. And it will carry over to school, career, and more…even if they don’t make music forever. It’s not about the music. It’s about them knowing they can handle whatever comes up.

Wanna see the video? Just click here: https://youtu.be/3k1DkE1tVQM
Deanns Maio Sings at Franklin Social in Naples Florida

Deanna Maio
Master Teacher & Performance Coach
Director, Confident Voice Studio

Did you hear the BIG NEWS?
Confident Voice Studio was selected as the 2022 Best of Portland Music and Performing Arts School (again)
Confident Voice Studio Wins Award Again

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