Teacher Spotlight: 5 Fun Facts about Melissa

5 Fun Facts about Melissa

We’re proud to have Melissa Sondergeld-Hood on our team of fun and skilled music teachers. 

In this interview, we learned tons of interesting tidbits about her life as a teacher, theater performer, and musician.

Here are just 5 fun facts about Melissa!

1. “Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow…”

Melissa LOVES the color yellow!

(Almost as much as she loves Harry Potter.)

2. Julie Andrews is her inspiration

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

If Melissa could visit and sing along with any iconic musician, she’d be do-rei-mi-fa-soing with Julie Andrews

3. Finding your voice isn’t all about singing

Melissa helps her students find their voice on and off stage.

Confident voices aren’t just important for singing, she told us. 

A confident voice can help you speak clearly in a job interview!

4. She’s a jack of all trades

As a music education major, she learned a little about every single instrument

And she’s played the clarinet since the age of 10! 

Just don’t ask her to play a Mozart piece on the flute. 🙂

5. Online lessons are worth it! 

Melissa likes how convenient and flexible online lessons are. 

For example, if her students have car trouble, they don’t have to cancel. 

“It’s a great resource,” she says. “While I love seeing people in person, I also would love seeing them on the other side of a screen if it means I can still get the opportunity to teach them.” 

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