Summer break is here!   As a kid I loved summer vacation.  Having no school, homework, projects, or having to wake up early was amazing.

I always continued music lessons throughout the summer growing up.  Since I was enamored with music and loved practicing, I wouldn’t have survived not having any organized music in my life all summer.

As a teacher I always recommend that my students continue with lessons over the summer.

Even if it’s only a few lessons spaced sporadically throughout the summer, it makes a huge difference.

Why Take Lessons During the Summer?

If it seems tedious taking instruction during your summer break, you might be surprised by how many benefits it can have for your child. Not only is it easier to learn and focus on your music over the school break, but you can find inspiration in the music to help you throughout other facets of your life.

Consider these benefits:

More Free Time – During the summer you have much more free time.  During the school year you have limited time for practice due to homework constraints.  By taking lessons during the summer, you give yourself the opportunity to take the time to truly absorb the material taught in the lessons.

Less Distraction – During the school year, your mind tends to be on several things at once. You are thinking about completing your homework, studying for a big test, and preparing for a project at the end of the semester. This takes up a lot of space in your brain, leaving less time and focus for your piano lessons. During the summer, however, your distractions are minimal, therefore leaving most of your focus on your music.

Use it or lose it- Music is kind of like exercising.  We all know if that we exercise our body regularly that there is a benefit to our health.  But, just because you exercised for 10 months straight doesn’t mean you can stop exercising for 2 months and keep your health exactly where it was the last day you worked out!

What really actually happens is, your health begins to deteriorate slowly. Do that for a number of months, and all of your hard work is reversed.

The same thing happens in music.  You have worked hard on your instrument all school year, and if you take the summer off from lessons you will LOSE IT because you didn’t USE IT all summer long.  This re-learning process can be very frustrating and thankfully is avoidable!


Increases Creativity – By having more free time, better focus and less distractions, your creative side comes out.  We can explore composing your own music and come up with some truly unique creations.

Take these advantages into consideration when planning for the summer.
Lessons offer you more than learning to play or compose your own music; they literally make a positive impact on your entire life, and help you become more successful when you return to school.
Are you OR Your Child Ready for More Music and Fun? Let’s get the party started.